Our farmers

For us, fair cooperation has priority over profit maximization. As a family business, we know how farmers work. That’s why we make fixed, long-term purchase agreements with an increasing amount of farmers to help protect them against fluctuations on the world market. This achieves planning security for all parties involved.

We offer “matter of the heart” insurance for farmers who refrain from the use of antibiotics in the event that their animals need to be treated. We support farmers who use a variety of methods to operate more sustainably in the interests of animal welfare and the environment.

Our employees

It has always been our philosophy to work exclusively with our own employees, providing them with quality work contracts. We stand by our obligation to take proper and responsible care of our employees. We promote diversity, offering all of our staff a fair chance to be actively involved with us and find a workplace they can call their professional home. At Brand Qualitätsfleisch, collegial interaction is just as important as the professional advancement of individual skills.

Across our entire company, good work must be properly compensated. We are proud of how we exceed the applicable minimum wage with every employee.

We give every employee the opportunity to properly combine work and family life. This means for instance that we do not have shifts in the middle of the night. In addition, the health of our employees is a continual priority. We furthermore invest in their occupational pension plans.